sudden kernel panic

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Iuppiter omnipotens, audacibus annue coeptis.



Name: Michael Schätzlein

Beschreibung: Software-Ingenieur, MSc Wirtschaftsinformatik, Hobby-Musiker.

Wenn mich die Motivation überkommt, schreibe ich auch hin und wieder einen kleinen Blog-Beitrag.

Kontakt: moc.liamg@em7nib manchmal auch auf (bin7me)

Fingerprints: bin7me: BE38 278E 043D 4B67 CAA7 2B0A 20EE 56A4 2A07 8C56 schaetzl: 8F17 0C09 3B49 2FE6 98FE F313 6904 03D0 F425 C04A

English: As you might have recognized from my older articles, I’m more or less capable of communicating in english. But as Eric S. Raymond stated in his essay on How To Become A Hacker, it is important to learn writing your native language well when populating the net. My native language is German (Bavarian variety), therefore I chose to write new articles in German. So if you have a question or want further information in English, feel free to message me. You can find my PGP keys above.